Getting Tree Removal Quotes

Various factors contribute to the cost of tree removal quotes from tree companies. Learn how companies compute the cost of tree cutting and removal by reading below.

The initial step in cutting down trees is to secure tree cutting prices. The cost normally depends on the property location, the tallness and width of the tree. Moreover, trees standing in close proximity to houses, car ports, power cables or pipes will pose greater risks and liability concerns. The fee will be more expensive if there will be more possibilities for danger. The complication of tree removal and time to be allotted for this task is also an additional factor for the service cost. Check out required permits from local authorities and homeowners associations or the expense in acquiring permits before cutting down the tree. It is advisable to ask for quotes simultaneously to save on money.

Cost Estimates for Tree Cutting

The cost to remove a tree varies considerably. For instance, an undersized tree (25 feet or less in height) can cost from $150 up to $500. This depends on the difficulty and time spent for every single tree. Taller trees (25 to 75 feet) range from $200 to $1,000 while those that are over 75 feet can cost you at least $1,500. There are gigantic trees such as the Southern Oak that may cost as much as $10,000 in removal alone. Trees that are next to any structure will also call for more expensive rates from tree service companies. It may even necessitate the use of a crane simply to take away the branches. Equipment rental is estimated at $1,200 for an hour with a minimum contract of six hours. The job becomes harder and longer for damaged trees. This may entail more cost due to the level of difficulty. However, it is just fair for as long as the removal does not lead to additional damage of your house or the property of your neighbors. There is really no cost to obtain estimates so it is important to obtain tree removal quotes from providers of good reputation.

Inclusions in Removal Costs

Tree removal cost usually covers the actual cutting as well as bringing the boughs and twigs to landfill sites; climbing the tree; tying ropes around the appendages; and, chopping the branches into smaller pieces. Certain companies charge from a minimum of $400 inclusive of hauling. However, stump grinding is not included in this fee because there are sub-contractors that specialize in taking away tree stumps. These grinders charge from $60 to $400 depending on the thickness of the base. All these depend on the intricacy of the work that should be performed and the dangers involved. Certain companies go to the extent of cleaning the place with the exception of sawdust. Discuss arrangements with the tree service company to avoid misunderstandings regarding the price and scope of work. Another option for you is to hire an arborist. This tree specialist charge rates of $120 or more based on their availability. There is a mileage fee if these individuals live far from your location. There are tree removal companies which make it a point to hire arborists for specialized functions.