How to Get a Tree Cut Down for Free

Unwanted or rotting trees in your lawn or backyard can be cut down free of charge. All you have to do is look for individuals, companies or organizations that will be willing to do tree cutting without any cost to you.

The first step is to figure out if the trees can be classified as part of federal, state or city programs on natural resources. Various places have been given actual grants to enhance the quality of air or maintain community beautification by government institutions and cooperatives. Forest service departments and local governments will also do free tree cutting service that poses threats to humans and properties in case of earthquakes, cyclones or storms. You can post advertisements in commercial areas and public places with due approval announcing free lumber or firewood for those who are willing to chop and haul the trunks and smaller boughs.

Free Sources for Tree Cutting

Make representations with the local utility provider for possible tree removal minus the fees. Electric power providers will cut down trees if these are hazardous to the residents and electric posts or cables. There are no expenses by cutting down the tree yourself. You can even use the wood or make extra money by selling this as firewood. Trade some of the raw lumber in case you need help in cutting, trimming, cleaning and hauling. Some logging firms or small companies in the wood industry may even agree to remove trees for free provided there is a minimum number. On the other hand, there are trees that have immense value and timber companies will not only cut these down but pay the owner as well.

Free Removal of Tree Stumps

Once you have cut down the tree, it is time to take care of tree stump removal which is also quite difficult. However, you need not spend money if you are resourceful enough. Look at the condition of the base so you will know the kind of tools to use. It is possible to dig up the stump using a shovel, spade and steel bar for landscaping. There is no need to use chains if the stump is in the process of decomposition. Try to borrow a grinder if the remaining stub should be taken away with a grinding machine rather than doing this manually. Just make sure to use protective gear such as gardening gloves and goggles.

The season (fall) before winter is the most ideal time for tree stump removal. This is the period that the remnants of the tree become dormant so you can deal with it before shoots begin to sprout. Removing during fall facilitates the natural breakdown of the remaining stump after the natural season cycle. Nitrogen goes back to the soil without getting in the way of landscaping in spring. You can also opt for stump removal throughout the year. Simply make sure that the soil is wet when you do the removal to make things easier for you. By doing this, you avoid expenses in getting rid of useless trees.